The Training, Orientation, Research, Extension, Outreach, Monitoring and Evaluation Activities are coordinated by the following centres:

i. Centre for Training, orientation and Capacity Building

  • Undertakes training need analysis and designs need-based, demand-driven training modules
  • Conducts theme-based / customized training and orientation programmes for the youth development functionaries and Government such as, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, National Service Scheme and Youth-related voluntary/community based organisations.


ii. Centre for Policy and Action Research

  • Acts as think tank and resource agency for undertaking research on youth development across sectors to provide inputs to policy-making bodies in the formulation of youth-related policies and development of programmes.


iii. Centre for Monitoring,Evaluation and Impact Analysis

  • Evolves and disseminates methodologies/tools to monitor and evaluate the implementation of policy initiatives.


iv. Centre for National Youth Resources

  • Serves as a depository of disaggregated data specific to youth and adolescents besides bringing out research reports, monographs,training manuals, IEC materials and publications on youth development.


v. Centre for National and International collaboration

  • Establishes collaborations with multi-lateral, bi-lateral, multi-national, non-government organizations and academic institutions specializing in Youth development across the world besides facilitating international youth exchange programmes mandated by the Government.


vi. Centre for Tribal and North East Youth Development

  • Carries out suitable interventions to realize the needs and aspirations of the youth from tribal areas, PESA areas and north-eastern region


vii. Centre for Dalit and Subaltern Studies

  • Designs and delivers appropriate programmes and innovative projects to reach out Dalit/Subaltern young people.