RGNIYD Publications

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1 2nd SAARC Youth Camp – 2008 12-16 January,2008 
2 A Nation Wide Evaluation of the Rural Information Technology Youth Development Centres 
3 A study on Attitude of Youth towards Elderly (Research Monograph-1)
4 A Study on Knowledge and Practices of Youth towards HIV/ AIDS in Tamil Nadu(Research Monograph-2)
5 A study on Media and Youth (Research Monograph -4)
6 A study on Performance of Young Women Panchayat Representatives (PRIYA)
7 A study on school Mental Health (Research Monograph-3)
8 Adaptability of Indian Rural Students in Urban Milieu (Research Monograph)
9 Adolescent Health and Development Project Activity Report 2007
10 Adolescent Health and Development Project Activity Report 2008
11 Adolescent Health and Development Project Activity Report 2009
12 Concerns and Needs of Adolescents: A sociological study in the state of Kerala (Research Monograph-III)
13 Dakshin Kranti : Freedom Struggle in South India  (English/Hindi)(SHANU)
14 Ilanthalir Padaipugazhul : Ilanthalir Samuthaya Vaanoli 107.2 MHz
15 Emerging trends in social science Research and Methodological Challenges
16 Second National Colloquium on Empowerment of Youth 10-11 February,2011 (Books of Abstracts)
17 Endeavour- Journal of Youth Development
18 Facilitator’s Manual on Enhancing Life Skills (AHDP) – Tamil/English
19 Facilitator’s€ Manual on Environment and Sustainable Development
20 Facilitator’s€ Manual on Peer Education
21 Facilitator’s€  Manual on Training Youth in Social Harmony and Human Rights
22 Gender Studies - A primer (READ)
23 Guide on Education and Career
24 Handbook for Teens Club (AHDP) Hindi/English
25 Handbook of Special Population
26 Handbook on Extension
27 Impact of Life Skills Education: Evidences from the Field
28 Indian Journal of Life Skills Education
29 India Youth Development Index 2010 (Small)
30 India Youth Index (2017 Small)
31 Indian Youth in the New Millennium (READ)
32 International Seminar on Young  People & Migration -18-19 Jan 2012 (proceeding of Seminar)
33 International Seminar on Young  People & Migration -18-19 Jan 2012 (Books of Abstracts)
34 Kerala Kranti (SHANU)
35 Knowledge, Attitude & Practice of Youth in Panchayati Raj: A study of Kerala (Research Monograph Series)
36 Life Skill training on Positive behaviour
37 Life Skills and Maximizing potentials of youth (Proceeding of the 5th International Conference on Life Skill Education)
38 International Conference on Life Skills education 6-7 April, 2009 - book  of abstracts
39 2nd International Conference on Life Skills education 8-10 December,2010  - book  of abstracts
40 3rd International Conference on  Life Skills Education : Enhancing Competencies of Adolescents and Youth : A Skills Approach (AHDP)
41 Mainstreaming youth in Local Governance - A Study of Among Gram Panchayat, kinnaur District, Himachal pradesh
42 Manual for Training in Life Skills through Story Telling - Panchatantra Stories
43 Model Village Adoption Programme
44 National colloquium on strategies for youth empowerment 17-18 September 2009(Books of Abstracts)
45 National Youth Policy 2014 Hindi/English 
46 Network of Voluntary Action in Youth Development (NOVAYD) (READ) Proceedings of the Two – day National Consultation  on promoting Youth Development 
47 NSS Summer Mega Camp 2010: Reading Material
48 Optimising positive strengths through Life Skills Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on life skills Education 
49 1st Indian Youth Social Science Congress 18-19th March, 2011 : Proceeding
50 RGNIYD Guide on Education
51 sanitation status (Access, Use and Quality) in the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation Bus Stations from Sriperumbudur to Thiyagaraya Nagar, Chennai - RGNIYD Work paper (1-2018)
52 school health programme : An Impact Study (Research Monograph)
53 Social Entrepreneurship through social group work method : “Social Entrepreneurship Training Impact Analysis – A Prospective Cohort Interventional Study”  
54 Social Integration & Communal Harmony (SHANU)
55 The Status of Implementation of State Youth Policies In Select State in India 
56 Telugu Tejam : Freedom Struggle in Andhra Pradesh (READ)
57 Training Manual Citizenship and Life Skills
58 Training Manual for Teachers and Volunteers in career guidance (AHDP)
59 Training Manual for Tribal youth as Social Animators
60 Training Manual for youth in social harmony and national unity
61 Training Manual on Social Inclusion
62 Training Manual on Youth and Peace Building
63 Training Manual on Youth and SDGs
64 Training Manual on Youth Employability
65 Training Manual on Youth for Gender Equity (READ)
66 Training of  Trainers Programme on Entrepreneurship Development for the Programme Officers of Nation Service Scheme (Programme Report)
67 Unfolding the Tribal Mindset with focus on India’s North Eastern States(AHDP)
68 Vazhlkai thozhil Vazhikaunar adu
69 Work book on life skills (English) (AHDP)
70 Work book on life skills(Vazhikai thiranukanna Payirchi Puthagam) (Tamil) (AHDP)
71 Youth and Globalisation  (READ)
72 Youth Club Manual
73 Youth Development : Emerging perspectives
74 Youth Development Report 2010
75 Youth Development Index and Report 2017
76 Youth in Decentralised Governance (PRIYA) : Papers presented in the National Consultation on Youth in Panchayati Raj Campaign
77 Youth in panchayati raj campaign : Appraisal of the inter-state interactive experience- sharing programme (English) (PRIYA) – A Report
78 Youth Policies & Programmes in South Asia Region
79 Youth Migration and Development : Proceedings of National Conference on Youth Migration and Development held on 8-9 February 2013

Manual for Life Skills Assessment Scale


Youth Status @ Bedadka GP : A Snap Shot


Adolescents in Tamil Nadu: Policy Perspectives