Library Rules & Regulation


General Guidelines for using Library Facilities

  • The personal belongings are not allowed inside the Library and all such items are to be kept in the library property counter. Do not keep valuable items in the property counter and the Library staff will not be responsible for the loss of any personal belongings of users. Library property counter shall be used only while using the library.
  • Students are allowed to bring white sheet papers, notebook, laptop, and files inside the library are to be shown for verification to the Library Security staff while entering and exit.
  • Students are required to sign in the Gate register while entering and exit.
  • Misbehaviour or misconduct in the library will force the library staff to seize/confiscate the library cards besides prohibiting such students from using the library services.
  • The library follows open access system. All books / journals taken out of the rack should not be replaced by users after referring / reading. Such books should be left on the table itself.
  • Any issued book taken out of the library should be kept outside.
  • Suggestions for procurement of new books to the Library should be forwarded though concerned authority to the Librarian. Prescribed Book requisition form can be collected from the Library.
  • Use of Mobile Phones, consumption of food and drinks are strictly prohibited inside the Library.
  • Use of the user PC kept inside the library is allowed for accessing library catalogue, e-journals, e-books and academic databases only.
  • All books need to be returned for Physical Stock Verification irrespective of the date of issue and category of users. Dates for physical verification will be announced 2 weeks in advance.


Issue of Books


  • Always carry the Identity card and must be produced whenever asked for.ID card is mandatory for borrowing books.
  • Library cards are not transferable.
  • Handle the Library material with utmost care and a borrower shall remain responsible for material issued to her / him until it is returned.
  • Users who lose/mutilate library books are liable to replace it with its latest edition along with the penalty of 20% of the total cost of the book. If the book is part of a set or series, they may be called upon to replace the whole set or series. In case the lost book is untraceable in the market or out of print, the Institute reserves the right to decide appropriate penalty.
  • If any missing /lost library membership card, report immediately to Central Library with proper justification for new membership card. Penalty will applicable in this case.
  • Students are responsible for the book taken in the library; they should check the condition of books. In case of any damage it should be reported to the library staff in writing immediately.
  • Books will not be issued for those who are having overdue items
  • Reference Books, Dictionary, Encyclopaedia, Handbooks, Journals and magazines, Year Books, Dissertations and RGNIYD Publications are only for consultation within the Library premise.
  • Any books and Reference Books can be lent out overnight, after getting permission from the librarian.
  • All new arrivals of books will be displayed in separate rack at the entrance for one week; users may reserve such books and will not be issued during that period.
  • The Librarian reserves the right to recall items issued at any time, even before the due date
  • User can reserve book through circulation counter
  • Return of books are mandatory on or before the due date mentioned in the due date slip attached to the book, a penalty of Rs. 2/- will be charged per day per book for the first week and Rs. 4/- per day will be charged from second week onwards.
  • All items need to be returned to the Library, for Physical Verification once in a year irrespective of the date of issue and category of users. Date of Physical verification will be announced 2 weeks in advance.