Designation :Associate Professor
M. Sc., from University of Madras, M. Phil., & Ph. D., from Annamalai University. Published more than 25 articles in peer reviewed journals and presented more than 50 papers in National/International conferences. Areas of interests are child and adolescent psychology, counselling and organizational psychology. Delivered many invited lectures and radio speeches, organized conferences, workshops and training programmes. He was the Principle Investigator of six Major Research Projects including India-European Research Networking Programme, India-Australia Anti-Bullying Research Collaboration, India-Japan Joint Research Programme. Awardee of Emerging Psychologist Programme and attended the ICP 2012, Cape Town, South Africa. Delivered a keynote speech in 2013 at CRN Programme, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia. Recipient of Cal Catterall Award 2014 and attended the ISPA conference at Kaunas, Lithuania.