Director's Message

The impartation of higher education opens a vista of far-reaching potency to a large number of youth and knowledge aspirants in the country. In strong adherence to our vision statement, we at Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD), aim to reach out to the whole nation by emanating knowledge through academic programs of quality and relevance that are skill-based, professional and job-driven.


RGNIYD, under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India aspires to be the Center of Excellence for Youth Development of India. Following the New Education Policy (2020), we are enthusiastic to create an academic ambience that is interdisciplinary, interest-based and robust. The pertinent Post Graduate courses and training programs we offer are our market-driven and are expertly curated to suit the educational needs of today. We believe in widening our circumference and providing equal opportunity for all, to learn and grow in directions they dream of.  Coherent with the nation’s growth, we work towards creating an educated and progressive society of eminence, principles and codes. Over time, we also propose to expand our academic activities by introducing socially relevant and job oriented professional and vocational courses that suit the need, interest and aptitude of the youth of India.


The teaching-learning experience at RGNIYD is reciprocating in nature, wherein, teachers as facilitators and students as curious learners share equal responsibility in knowledge acquisition. Parallelly, we are a growing research community committed to knowledge dissemination while also being a platform for deliberation and information exchange. Our campus is intellectually stimulating and aesthetically appealing and marks our distinctive presence in higher education facilitation. As an Institution of National Importance, we are a one-stop location for learning, research and growth for every learning enthusiast.