Consultation Meeting on ‘ Adolescent Policy Framework and Advocacy’ under  Adolescent  Resource Centre(ARC) sponsored by UNICEF

Sriperumbudur, Nov.28 –   An institution of national importance by the Act of Parliament, Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD ) has conducted a consultation meeting on ‘ Adolescent Policy Framework and Advocacy’ under  Adolescent  Resource Centre(ARC) sponsored by UNICEF here today.

Spiritual awakening is necessary to keep adolescent away from the violence of all kinds including towards self as suicide.  Bhagvad Gita need to be incorporated in the manual of life skills for adolescent   , said Prof. M.M. Goel, Director RGNIYD while delivering the inaugural address here today.

He justified the need for adolescent Policy to supplement the National Youth Policy (NYP) 2014 which should be backbone of the new education policy in making.

We need to create faith among adolescent   about the existence of soul which is immortal, believes Prof. Goel.

We should prepare adolescent for the spirit of corporation and support in the present times of competition which is inevitable, said Prof Goel.

Self-control is the basis of strength which needed for undertaking any work big or small, advocated  Prof. Goel

RGNIYD has the mandate for empowerment of youth   with devotion, dedication and determination   to say no to conflict caused by discrimination, deprivation and discontent in democratic India through NYP 2014 , told the Director.

According to Dr. Goel the essentials for youth and adolescent are inherent in SMART and SIMPLE models developed by him in the book “Economics of Human Resource Development   in India (2012).

Dr. S. Kumaravel, Principal Investigator of the ARC   delivered the welcome address and gave the brief about the consultation meeting attended by Dr. J. M. Arul Kamraj, Mrs. Esther, Mrs. Aspy Joyson, Mrs Vanessa Peter and Mrs. Rachel Victor.

Dr. S. Lalitha HOD ,Dept. of Social work  proposed the vote of thanks