Terms and Conditions:

The following terms and conditions are to be followed by the incubatees during incubation period at SEI@RGNIYD.


  • The minimum incubation period is 3 months and maximum is 12 months. One can exit from the incubation, if the incubatee reaches to the level of graduation
  • For the first cohort (batch), 15 incubatees will be selected and a waitlist of 5 applicants will be retained by the SEI@RGNIYD and will be declared if there is any case of early graduation
  • The selected incubatees will have to enter into an agreement with SEI@RGNIYD at the time of commencement of incubation
  • No other student will be allowed to enter into the Incubator premises of SEI@RGNIYD except the selected incubatees
  • The selected incubatees will have to deposit an amount of Rs.500 /-(Rupees five hundred only) as caution deposit which will be refunded at the time of incubation graduation
  • No accommodation/hostel facilities will be provided to the incubatees after passing out from their Master’s degree at RGNIYD
  • No funding/grant/investments will be given to the incubatees
  • Any destruction/damage of property will be penalised as per the instructions of the competent authority
  • The incubatees should abide by the rules and regulations of RGNIYD.