Prof.(Dr.) M M Goel, Director, RGNIYD is giving valedictory address to the ANOs who attended ToT on Personality Development and Life Skills at NCC Officers Training Academy, Kamptee, Nagpur.


Kamptee (Nagpur), August 24-While delivering the valedictory address of the training programme for ‘ personality development and life skills ( PDLS) ’ Professor (Dr.) M.M. Goel, Director RGNIYD said that effective management in all walks of life is a function of effective communication which is necessary and sufficient skill of the present times to face the challenges.


The four days ‘Training of Trainers on Personality Development and Life skills ‘is organised by National Cadet Corps (NCC) Officers Training Academy (OTA) in collaboration with RGNIYD, Sriperumbudur during August 21-24,2017.


To prove the communication skill of silence more than speaking Professor Goel quoted shloka no 15 of chapter 17 of Bhagwad Gita which is ism neutral religion free treatise on relationship management and welfare economics. Meditation of tongue is the need of the day for proving silence as golden and speaking as silver for avoiding blame game and the war of words. Let us learn to weave the words beautifully for strengthening the relations in the context of behaviour with the people around us.


We need to develop the abilities of head and heart, skills of morality with credibility and accountability and possess knowledge including spirituality as spirit to know actuality as science of soul for the success and happiness  in all walks of life including consumption, production, distribution and exchange, opined Professor Goel.


We need to become street SMART (simple, moral, action oriented, responsive and transparent) in attitude and behaviour, said Professor Goel while quoting his book “Economics of Human Resource Development in India”.


To reduce the delay in decision making, let us learn from palli -palli ( jaldi-jaldi in Hindi) culture of South Korea with whom we share Independence Day. Speed is the ethos, the ethic and driving force (despite off-and- on errors) of Koreans at large which lead to their economic progress, believes Professor Goel.


Let us develop the soft skills as software of information technology which is equally if not more important than the hardware, said the Director RGNIYD.