Sriperumbudur, October 11 – The Dept. of Gender Studies, Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development ( RGNIYD) has organised  the  programme to commemorate ‘ International Day of the Girl Child 2017 with the theme ‘ The power of the Adolescent Girl : Vision for 2030’ .

 Professor (Dr.) M.M. Goel, Director RGNIYD while delivering the inaugural address   justified the need for understanding, analysing and interpreting the problems of adolescent girls and trains them with life skills   for inclusiveness to survive, exist and excel in times to come.

In his speech, the Director, RGNIYD highlighted the inbuilt problems of inequalities in policies such as the age of marriage 18 for girls and 21 for boys which has no rationale in present times. He mentioned Malthusian theory of population wherein the late marriages were justified but without discrimination of the age of boys and girls.

To say no to gender equalities, Prof. Goel made a strong case for the use of gender neutral language in the books for students at all levels of education.  

 ‘Beti  Bachao,  Beti Padho (BBBP)’ programme for enabling the girls for  their rights is necessary but not sufficient. To make the programme sufficient, we need to change the mind-set of the parents for the celebration of the birth of the child irrespective of the gender, believes Prof. Goel.

To reduce if not remove the inbuilt inequalities in the minds of Indians , we need to provide them spiritual input from Gita  where in soul is gender neutral and the colour of the blood is red in the physical body irrespective of the gender , said Professor Goel.

Let the adolescent girls be motivated to think ‘out of the box’ solutions of their problems in present times of competition which is unhealthy also, believes Professor Goel.

We have to ensure the survival of weak by making them unique by replacing the dictum of the ‘survival of the fittest’ which is a jungle raj, said Prof. Goel.

 Dr. T Gopi nath  HOD of the Dept. of Gender studies welcomed the guest. Dr. Niyathi R. Krishna proposed the vote of thanks.