"Foundation Express" Workshop on New Directions in Development Approach

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Programme Name "Foundation Express" Workshop on New Directions in Development Approach
Programme Objective / Outcome of the Programme Foundation Express Preamble: Foundation Express (F-Exp) is a day-long simulation that acquaints the participants to the real-life situations and circumstances under which several important decisions of life are made by community who are poor in terms of resources. The simulation exercise creates an eco-system wherein participants experience the world of resource deprivation, its constraints, and challenges. As professional, we all know the importance of making informed decisions. However, in many a case, especially people in the bottom pf pyramid, are forced to make decisions, with constraints of a limited information base and in turn impacts the quality of life. So too, is the case in F-Exp. The simulation leaves a unique set of insights and experiences for each participant, which get deeply entrenched in their minds and helps transcend participants to a next level of professionalism which is imbibed with empathy and understanding. Specific Objectives Multiple aspects of people’s life are enacted and simulated and the participants (in small teams) handle these to the best of their abilities and current understanding. The specific objectives of the simulation exercise are:- - To experience and understand the life of people - To gain insight of situations of HOW WHEN&WHERE the life decisions are made. - To understand how life’s situations impact planning and resource allocation in a resource-scarce ecosystem. -To gain a lived experience of HOW and WHY –critical factors of life such as Education, Health, Local governance & Political Participations are compromised. Expected Outcomes (specific to members of People’s Function) The following outcome are envisaged: - A new way to understand the development approach - Understanding the constraints and challenges encountered while engaging with different stakeholders in the Education and Development domain. - To connect the insight gained from simulation, with the challenges of creating Just, Equitable, Humane and Sustainable Society.
Department Name Department of Development Policy
Programme Type Workshops
Programme Component General Plan
Date 2017-09-15 to 2017-09-16
Collaboration Agency -
Programme Venue RGNIYD
District / City Kancheepuram
State Tamil Nadu
Programme Target Group Students and faculty of RGNIYD
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Programme Conducted By
Dr. Sivakumar, Assistant Professor, RGNIYD