Exam Application form MAY 2019

Instruction to the Candidates for applying End Semester Examination 

1. Before submitting the Application Forms for Examination through online the candidates are advised to satisfy themselves with the eligibility conditions that are laid down by the Institute to appear for the examination.

2. Any Application not accompanied by the prescribed fee shall be summarily rejected.

3. Fee Particulars:

a.    Exam Fee – per Subject                                   :  Rs.100/-

b.   Cost of Statement of Marks                            :  Rs.100/-

c.   Cost of Arrear Statement of Marks                :  Rs.100/-

d.   Condonation of 10% attendance                   :  Rs.250/- (per course)**

e.  Last Date for Payment of Examination Fee    :  13.03.2019 (Wednesday) (without Late Fee)

f.    With Late fee of Rs.25/-  per day                   :  19.03.2019

g.   Dissertation Fee                                               :  Rs.500/-

4. Examination fee may be paid through the Challan or online.

5. Final eligibility for appearing the Semester Exam will be notified upon verification of application form, attendance of the students.

(**Applicable as per clause 7 (Attendance and Provision for Relaxation) of the Student Hand Book)      


Exam Application form MAY 2019 


Arrear Exam Application form (Batch 2012 to 2017 only)


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