Director's Message

The Phase of Youth is a natural and inevitable marker of a biologically determined level of life. It is wedged between boundaries of childhood and adulthood. However, Youth is also a sociological condition, a changing social construct of a particular moment in time and space of any Nation, leading to a set of following truths:


  1. Youth is a unitary category, with certain psychological characteristics and social needs common to an age group;
  2. Youth is  a formative stage of development, where attitudes and values become anchored and remain fixed; and
  3. The transition from childhood/adolescence dependence to adult autonomy is a period of difficult transition. I guess, young people and their parents and society invest in the youth for the future of the nation itself.

I, on behalf of RGNIYD, also conjoin the efforts of the society and the state to make the youth cross-over the transition, to be human rights and gender sensitive, and be life skills / growth / development - oriented and empowered. i wish you all the very best and looking forward for an exciting journey.