Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD) is an Institute of National Importance by the Act of Parliament No.35/2012, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India.

The Institute is located at Sriperumbudur, nearly 40 kilometers south of Chennai city, the commercial and cultural capital and a buoyant metropolis of Tamilnadu ,the third most industrialized States in India.

RGNIYD endeavors to facilitate our nation’s youth with a conducive environment and tools that will enable them to make the most of their natural potential to realize their aspirations. RGNIYD functions as vital resource center coordinating training, orientation, research, extension and outreach initiatives for State, Central Governments and National Level youth organizations.


Molding young facilitators of CHANGE

As a rapidly developing nation of 1.2 billion people, our greatest human resource is our youth. The diverse actions of individuals belonging to this larger populace affect his or her society, communities, commerce and culture. From social transformations to cultural revolutions, from changing national borders to the high-speed digital evolution we are all inextricably part of at some level. It is the responsibility of the Social Sciences to maintain a record of these societal changes and upheavals, and to develop the necessary tools for studying, observing and documenting the day to day socio-economic events that affect people and communities from a national to a global level. The RGNIYD mandate is to provide the implements, skills training, knowledge, infrastructure and facilities needed by its students to graduate as potential nation builders who can perform in professional capacities, right from our grassroots communities to our urban societies.

RGNIYD is a national university that offers the most comprehensive and diverse post graduate programmes in one of the most progressive social science disciplines of today– YOUTH STUDIES.

Each curriculum is designed with a focus in interdisciplinary training, development, documentation and research.

RGNIYD, one of pivotal institutes, molds its graduates into future Professionals with sustainable careers. Their tenure at RGNIYD ensures that they evolve as conscientious professionals who also contribute to the development of the people and of their institutions that they choose for this mandate.


The Institute will seek to realise its Vision by:

  • Providing substantive inputs in the formulation of youth-related policies and in developing innovative programme initiatives that respond effectively to the needs and concerns of the young people of the country;
  • Developing professional capacity of all youth development agencies in the country – statesponsored or voluntary organisations - through training and specialised services, such as: consultancies, and providing expertise and training materials for in-house training programmes;
  • Setting up a world-class and modern Resource Centre that will provide library and other related services and facilities to those involved in youth-related activities - youth organisations, educational and training institutions, researchers, scholars, and young people
  • Generating authentic and comprehensive primary and secondary data on all issues and matters that impact the life of the young people in the country through a systematic and extensive programme of action research and study;
  • Working to enhance international cooperation on all issues related to youth development by:
  • Establishing productive and enduring relationship with international organisations engaged in youth-related activities; and with national youth development bodies of other countries, especially in the Asian region;
  • Organising joint programmes and projects that benefi t young people across the globe;
  • Working to build consensus on youth-related issues;
  • Offering training, consistent with international standards and curriculum, to participants from other countries in youth development areas.
  • Establishing and nurturing a national network of youth development agencies and promoting co-operation and collaboration among them;
  • Providing a forum to young people of the country and other involved organisations and individuals for dialogue, consultation, and exchange of views on matters and issues impacting the life of the young people in the country;
  • Developing necessary expertise and profi ciency of the professional personnel of the Institute to make them active partners in establishing it as the centre of excellence in youth development.